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Pruden's Point Resort is right on Tobin Lake - renowned for year round, world-class fishing

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Tobin Lake

Tobin Lake initially formed in 1963 following the construction of the E.B. Campbell Dam on the Saskatchewan River.  In 1986 the construction of the Francois Finlay Dam in Nipawin was completed.  Tobin Lake is home to numerous species of fish but its renowned for monster walleye, sauger, sturgeon, northern pike and burbot.

A quick search for Tobin Walleye or Tobin pike will yield many monster fishing stories.  Tobin lake holds numerous provincial record catches.  In fact, in 2005 Father Mariuz Zajac, from Carrot River, set the world ice fishing record for walleye with a 18.30lbs catch.

If you’re dreaming of a 10-pound-plus walleye, Tobin lake is the place.

Special Regulations

One of the things that helps to keep Tobin a great fishery are the special regulations:

  • Walleye/Sauger limit of 3 (combined), none may be between 55 - 86 cm

  • Northern pike limit of 4, none may be between 75 - 115 cm

  • Mandatory barbless hooks

Catch & Release

The only thing better than catching a trophy is releasing it in good health.  Large, mature fish produce hundreds of thousands of eggs, proper catch and release practices are critical to conserving the fish population. 

Here are a few key tips:

  • Handle the fish as quickly (under 30 seconds) and as little as possible.

  • Use a wet cloth glove or wet hand to prevent damage to the fish's protective mucus coating.

  • Don't hold or support a fish's weight by the gills, gill cover or eyes.

  • If a fish must be held, hold it horizontally , with one hand under the forward belly area and the other around the tail area.

  • This will help minimize damage to the fish's spine and internal organs.

  • As part of the release process, resuscitate a fish by holding it horizontal in the water until it is fully revived and swims away.

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